Supporting Womens Health with Reflexology

Reflexology can benefit all sorts of womens health issues, supporting hormone balance and wellbeing. From birth to puberty, to pregnancy, to menopause and all the years inbetween.

Because the level of hormones in the blood varies throughout the menstrual cycle, and the fact that the hormonal system is very easily upset by many factors including stress, it is hardly surprising that many women experience issues with their reproductive system at some point in their lives. 

Every client is different and I'm passionate about providing a bespoke service for  all; wether that's a safe space to chat or simply to relax during your treatment.

"Becky is amazing! She is really friendly and puts you totally at ease. Her knowledge of feet is second to none and she can always tell what's bothering me without saying a word. I always feel so much better after a session." - Tamsin

Menopause support

During the menopause reflexology works by regulating the hormones and glandular functions of the body. It can help to alleviate and balance both the physical and emotional systems. By working with the hypothalamus and pituitary, reflexology can help to restore balance to the endocrine system. This in turn can alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes. By calming the central nervous system, sleep disturbances can also be alleviated and anxiety and stress levels reduced. Regulating calcium and phosphorous levels in the thyroid gland can help with maintaining bone density. Reflexology also helps the ovaries to regulate their oestrogen and the uterus to maintain its natural health and flexibility.

Coast Loves Pilates

I'm a massive fan of pilates and often recommend it to clients, of all ages for various reasons. Practitioners say regular pilates can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. It's great for developing whole-body strength and flexibility.

For local Christchurch classes I recommend Louise at Bridge Health & Wellbeing.


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From bump to baby


It is safe to enjoy reflexology after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy right up to your delivery date (GP/Midwife consent needed).


Postnatal reflexology can be highly beneficial for new mums. It can encourage milk production, balance hormones and boost the immune system following pregnancy and birth. The perfect excuse to spend an hour indulging in some deep relaxation before returning to the challenges of motherhood.