Coast Reiki 

I have to admit when I first signed up for my Reiki journey I wasn't entirely sure about what I would gain from it, let alone offering it as a treatment to clients.

Since my first session with my Reiki Master I have absolutely loved having Reiki in my life! I had no idea what a powerful force it was; and how it could enrich me in so many ways, just by me knowing it was there to support a little holistic cheerleader!

What is Reiki?

Originating in Japan by Dr Usui, Reiki uses universal life force energy for a simple, natural,  relaxing and healing treatment.

The intention of Reiki is to stimuate and assist the natural healing process. It is a peaceful treatment, which helps restore a sense of balance and wellbeing within the mind and body.

Chakras can be linked with Reiki. The seven main chakras: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root refer to energy points in our bodies. These spinning heels of energy should be open and alligned in order to bring balance and harmony to the  body, mind and spirit.

What to expect from your treatment

I recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing to your treatment.

Your treatment will begin with you being wrapped in a soft blanket and invited to close your eyes. Your relaxation will be supported by theraputic sounds from a Tibetan singing bowl as an introduction to your Reiki journey.

During your treatment hand placements will either gently touch or lightly hover just above you at various points, transfering healing Reiki energy.

You may feel a slight tingling, heat, energy or nothing at all. The sensations are not a measure of Reiki, they are just how your body senses the energy. Reiki brings a sense of relaxation and peace. Your mind may feel calm and your physical body relaxed. It's ok to fall asleep during your treatment and you will still feel the benefit.

Your treatment will come to a close the way it began wth some gentle sound bathing and some guided breathing.

Reiki Family Tree

A Reiki Lineage is a list of Reiki Masters (teachers) starting from the person that taught me Reiki, and then going back teacher by teacher to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. 


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