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All initial treatments require a complementary consultation form. 


I try to keep my prices competitive in order to help as many people experience Reflexology as possible.


Prices are based on appointments at my treatment room in Christchurch. I am happy to provide mobile services if you prefer. Please contact me for more information as additional travel charges apply depending on your location.

Signature Treatment


50 minutes £30

This treatment combines the wonderful effects of Reflexology with the powers of Aromatherapy. Your treatment starts with a cleansing foot spa, whilst I mix a bespoke blend of essential oils depending on your needs. Throughout the treatment the oils will soak into your system, leaving you with a feeling of total wellbeing. As an additional treat you get to take the rest of your balm tin home to prolong the effects of your treatment.


New Treatment - Chakra's & Crystal AromaReflex     

55 minutes £35                                                

Your treatment will begin with a cleansing foot spa, whilst I mix an endocrine support blend of essential oils into the foot balm. During your Reflexology treatment Chakra stones and crystals will be used on the endocrine system points and along the corresponding nerve points along the spine reflex.

As an additional treat you get to take the rest of your balm tin home to prolong the effects of our treatment.

The seven Chakra's - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown, refer to energy points in our bodies. These spinning wheels of energy should be open and aligned in order to bring balance and harmony to the body. The seven Chakras are associated with one of the seven endocrine glands and also with a particular group of nerves called a plexus. 

Crystals are a wonderful addition to this treatment, and their vibrations can absorb any negative energy and promote emotional and spiritual cleansing.

Traditional Foot Reflexology

50 minutes £25

Wonderfully relaxing treatment that starts and ends with a foot massage and concentrates on balancing all the systems of the body.     


Hot Stone Reflexology

50 minutes £30

The use of hot stones in healing treatments is somethingthat has been around for thousands of years. Their use is based on the principle that heat relaxes your body as its deepest level.

Facial Reflexology with Indian Head Massage

45 minutes £30

This deeply relaxing treatment  promotes blood circulation and muscle tension. Your bespoke treatment  uses facial reflexology points to target specific areas of your body. Indian Head massage techniques will be applied to your face, head and scalp leaving you balanced and relaxed.

Hand Reflexology

30 minutes £15

The Hand Reflexology treatment begins with a scrub to cleanse the hands followed by a relaxing massage and reflexology routine. Crystals are used on the chakra points to finish. 

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